Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hi, I am Summer or Orangie

Hi, my name is summer, some call me orangie, or mer-mer. I am the second boy in the family. I am also the biggest one in the family as my favourite things are food.....yummy.

I love to sleep on this table - as shown in picture.

Hi, I am Autumn, the cutest in the family

Hi , my name is autumn. I am the cutest ever female cat in the world. :) I love to play, very naughty, love to bite my owners legs when they put them under the bed sheets, and I love my favourite toy giraffe which always goes under the sofa (as shown in pic).

This is me sleeping at the stairscase steps, one of my favourite spot.

Hi, I am Winter

Hi, my name is Winter, as you can see I am all white
with blue eyes. I am the oldest male cat after my sis Adieu.

Picture on the left is my paws, in which you can see the paw on the left is a bit swollen, I don't remember what happen, maybe I been stung by some insects, a bee perhaps but thankfully is not painful just lightly numb.  My favourite hobby is to catch insects especially grasshopper. I once caught a bird at our backyard too.

Friday, July 30, 2010

My name is Adieu, I am the big sister!

Hi, welcome to my blog.
I am adieu, a female cat with two very beautiful light blue eyes. I am white with many different shades of brown patches. I am 1year 9 months old. I have 3 siblings who are younger than me. They are 1 year 4 months old.  We were borned in my owner's backyard (as my mother is a stray cat ). My owner adopted us as our mother was no longer with us.

We love them as much as they love us. We love playing, eating, sleeping especially on the bed and sofa.
The picture on the right is me saying " howdie, human, I come in peace, always" ! :)  Just like the "V" tv series, they always say " PEACE ALWAYS" ! :)

Anyway, if you like cats, please do come back often, I like blogging you know and I am very photogenic :), you will see more of me........ALWAYS! :)

Yours truly,
Thank you for tunning in"miaw"